A few words about myself

I’ve been striving to pay attention to people since I was a child. I soon found out that it does not only help but also reassures them.

The years spent abroad at a young age also contributed to the understanding that not only every nation but every person is unique and that differences cannot be expressed in contrast “better or worse”.
Since graduating, my career has been characterized by a parallel between humanity and business. For almost a decade and a half I taught literary, linguistic and business subjects at university. During and after this period

I worked among others in the fields of communication, operations, HR and finance, in small but also in multinational companies.
All of my life- and work-experiences are truly intertwined and correlate best in the field of coaching. I gained a Proactive Life Coach and Business Coach diploma at the Pro Bona Training Center, and became a wingwave coach absolving the training at the Besser-Siegmund Institut. In 2015, I attended a wellness coach training organized by the American UniversalClass training center and earned a degree. In the same year, I successfully completed a Hungarian Gastro and Nutrition Coach training.

Because I myself have changed radically twice in the field of work and helped already many of my clients on their career paths, in 2020 I took part in the Career Coach training of the Coachingcentrum, so that I could base this kind of support on the widest possible knowledge.
I am a member of the IAC (International Association of Coaching), Proactive Coaching Group and CoachOK Hungarian Association as well.

Cecilia Bálint

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