Code of Ethics

Code of ethics

1. Respect for every client

Every client and every problem resolves the respect of the coach.

2. Privacy and confidentiality

Everything said in or related to coaching sessions is strongly secret.

3. Respect for own limits

The coach has the education and ability to supply coaching services. If the coachee's problem needs involving other professionals, the client should be advised to. 

4. Avoiding of double relationships 

During a coaching process between the client and the coach is only this relationship acceptable. Every other kind should be avoided, suspended or finished.

5. Continuous developing 

The coach is continuously working on his/her knowledge in order to continuously develop the quality of his/her services.

6. Regular supervision

The coach has to care about his/her own wellness. Therefore he/she should pop up regularly in supervision.

7. Transparency of services 

The services provided by the coach and the whole coaching process should be transparent for clients before beginning the common work.

8. Professional approach

The coach strives for the most possible professional approach, look and working method in her clients favor and to keep good reputation of this profession.

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