Business life – business coaching:

For those who want to achieve goals and change different circumstances of their professional life.

  • You may contact me if you want
  • to be more successful in your work
  • more insight in and influence on the development of your career
  • better control regarding your time management
  • to understand your colleagues and make them understand you better
  • smoother cooperation with your subordinates and superiors
  • to successfully take challenges caused by a new job, co-worker, project, etc.
  • to reduce stress at work

Business life - teamcoaching:

For teams, even with a wide variety of employees, who want to work together more smoothly, in a better atmosphere and more effectively with conscious application and management of their strengths and differences, as well as turning challenges into opportunities.

Business life - organizational development:

For organizations that want to become or remain viable and efficient, especially today, when the business environment and culture is changing very rapidly.

Organizational development is carried out on the three traditional levels: leadership development, staff development, process development, supported by New work methods.

Business life - HR consulting:

For organizations that want to establish or improve their HR procedures (which means in my reading primarily the relationships between employees and employers) from search, recruitment, selection, onboarding, performance appraisal, team-building, internal development and training to termination of working contract and exit interviews.

Business life - training:

For those companies that want to implement practical knowledge transfer, primarily regarding attitudes and behavioral so-called soft-skills as well as intercultural expertise.

The location of the business services can be my office in the heart of Budapest your company site, an external location or an online environment.

The content and remuneration of the above mentioned services is always determined on the basis of an individual request for quotation.

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Private life:

For those who want to achieve goals and make changes related to their private lives.

You may contact me if you want

  • to act more confidently
  • to make decisions easier
  • to shape your dreams into determination and even goals
  • to understand others and make them understand you better
  • to change your current situation, to start something new
  • to see clearly in tangled situations
  • to be more energetic, to relax easier

The venue of the meetings can be my office in the center of Budapest or an online environment.
Basic fee 25,000 HUF /session (60-90 minutes)

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Career coaching:

For those who want to see clearly in questions of job, work and profession, who want to find the most optimal professional career, including the form of occupation, position and their special field.

The venue of the meetings can be my office in the center of Budapest or an online environment.

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Wingwave coaching, EFT:

For those who are looking for a stress-relieving method based on the results of research in modern medicine and psychology, which can eliminate deep rooted (often not even known) stress factors

The three basic elements of wingwave coaching are myostatic muscle test, EMDR hemisphere stimulation, and NLP. It is a completely painless, harmonious coaching tool, its immediate effect is extremely beneficial in the case of phobias, anxieties, unprocessed bad experiences, incomprehensible annoyance, or resolving irritability.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a powerful stress relief technique.It is based on the combined principles of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology, its elements are the tapping circles on 9 specific meridian points of the body.

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Weight coaching:

For those who strive for an ideal weight, although they have already tried many (supposedly proven) diets, exercises, powders, pills - unfortunately without a lasting effect. For those who are willing to recognize that ideal body weight is not the result of a mathematical formula, but a state of physical and mental balance, who also want to understand the reasons for gaining the pounds deemed “extra”. Managing the causes is always more effective than treating the symptoms, not to mention that the process is long lasting and healthier than any diet.

There are four ways to join the ideal weight coaching:

  • In individual meetings
  • In the frame of small group weekend sessions (beginner and advanced level)
  • ITT (Secrets of our Ideal Weight) Club meetings (once per month)
  • On the ITT retreat (1-2 residential weekends per year)

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