Do you plan a longer stay in Budapest or Hungary? Are you already here but problems in your personal or business life seem to popping up or getting more serious than before? Maybe you wish to understand and handle cultural differences in a more proper way. Or very simply, you feel inspiration and the timing is right to get things in balance. Would you like to consult with a professional coach only you can’t find one?

Than you are on the right place. As a trained life-,  business- and wellness-coach with knowledge of foreign languages and a lot of experience, I am open to coach also in English.

One of my specializations is Weight-coaching, where you learn to find and keep your ideal weight. In this meetings we try to interpret the mental background behind the overweight and eating habits thus to treat the causes, not the symptoms. This process is faster, more effective and healthier than the most conventional diets, meanwhile the result is permanent.

For even more comfort you can enjoy after every session a cup of thee and a possibility to visit a sauna.

The price of one session (45 minutes) is between 8000 and 20000 HUF depending on the complexity, the location is in the center of Budapest.

For more details please contact me on: 0870f0af650582a41d85d61db3c2595f

Code of ethics


1. Respect for every client

Every client and every problem resolves the respect of the coach.

2. Privacy and confidentiality

Everything said in or related to coaching sessions is strongly secret.

3. Respect for own limits

The coach has the education and ability to supply coaching services. If the coachee's problem needs involving other professionals, the client should be advised to. 

4. Avoiding of double relationships 

During a coaching process between the client and the coach is only this relationship acceptable. Every other kind should be avoided, suspended or finished.

5. Continuous developing 

The coach is continuously working on his/her knowledge in order to continuously develop the quality of his/her services.

6. Regular supervision

The coach has to care about his/her own wellness. Therefore he/she should pop up regularly in supervision.

7. Transparency of services 

The services provided by the coach and the whole coaching process should be transparent for clients before beginning the common work.

8. Professional approach

The coach strives for the most possible professional approach, look and working method in her clients favor and to keep good reputation of this profession.